Here at OABC,

we work hard to provide a safe, secure, healthy, and loving environment where your child can have fun learning about Jesus. We strive to create environments that are both safe and celebratory of the child’s age and stage of life. We have a new, well kept nursery and well kept facilities for children and youth. Our teachers and staff undergo background checks and regular training and equipping to ensure that the very best care is being provided for the children at all times. We love what we do and the children we get to work with!


Birth – 36 months: We provide nursery care during Sunday School and morning worship.
3-Kindergarten: Sunday School and Children’s Church.
1st-5th grade: Sunday School and Children’s Church.
6th – 12th grade: Sunday School. They join the adults for morning worship


Come expecting fun games, music, activities and Bible lessons. Children in our city have a blank canvas or clouded view of who God is. It is our job at OABC Kids to paint a masterpiece in the life of each child of who He really is. So they no longer have a clouded view of God but a clear understanding of why they believe what they believe; knowing that Jesus wasn’t just a character in a book but our Savior who paid the ultimate and final price for us so that we can spend eternity with him someday in heaven. The Bible isn’t just a book full of fictional stories but our true history. We plant the seeds in their heart and together with church, their families and God’s word we water them to grow strong in Christ. We show the World who Christ is by our daily actions, responses, and behavior. At home, or at school, we shine our light at all times. We teach to live a Godly life not just for today, but tomorrow, and the days after that.